ScarMD Customer Testimonials

ScarMD Customer Testimonials


It’s one thing to boast about the benefits of your own product, but when a customer weighs in, a better picture is painted on what we’re all about. We can talk until we’re blue in the face about all the great things ScarMD does for our customers, but wouldn’t you rather hear it from the people that are actually using the product regularly? If you’re like most new customers looking for a solution for your scars, you’re willing to wade through infinite reviews and testimonials to know if ScarMD is right for you. In the interest of pointing out some of our finer qualities, we’ve compiled a number of reviews that we'd like to share with you. 


Here’s what our customers have to say about applying ScarMD itself. The consensus is overwhelmingly positive when it comes to ease of applying the gel.

  • “This Scar MD medical grade silicone scar treatment gel comes in a tube with a roller applicator, so much better than speeding some out and rubbing it into the scar area.”
  • “I really like the applicator - very easy to use, no mess, easy to carry, and no waste!”
  • “I really love the easy roll on application. It actually feels pretty soothing on the skin. It leaves a light layer and I just wait until it's totally dry before putting on my clothing.”


Ease of application is only part of the equation. Let’s take a look at what people are saying about the results. We can now answer the burning question “Does ScarMD actually work?” The answer is a resounding yes. 

  • “This is a good scar gel, especially on newer scars. I’ve used it on various small scars on my family and it has shown results on almost all of them.”
  • “The gel is lightweight, soothing and absorbs quickly into the skin while also providing a protective layer over the scar. I just started using this, so it'll take some time and consistency to see results, but I'm very confident.”
  • This wasn't available the first time I had skin cancer surgery on my face. That surgery didn't leave too much of a scar thanks to my great surgeon who put in tiny sutures. My cancer came back in the same area and my primary care doctor froze it off, took forever to heal and left a large scar. I had to wait for it to heal before applying silicone scar tape which was working but I constantly knocked it off, putting on and taking off my glasses. So now I am trying this, my scar is looking better every day.

There’s plenty more where that comes from 

Week after week, we have positive reviews rolling in. While we will delve into other subjects throughout our posts, we will occasionally bring it back to our reviews. It’s one thing to develop a product, but hearing from the people who make ScarMD a part of their regular skin-care routine is the information that matters most. To be the best topical scar solution requires listening to feedback, and we’re so glad to be hearing 5 star reviews from our customers. 

About AIM Medical 

AIM Medical is a skincare products research, engineering and manufacturing company based in the world's medtech hub - Boston, Massachusetts. Dedicated to developing novel, safe, yet highly effective portfolio of products that target common dermatologic conditions, AIM Medical advances the high value opportunities for products that focus on wound care and atopic dermatitis. At AIM Medical we are proud of our heritage of creating health and beauty through technology innovation. ​ We have aligned AIM Medical to be a worldwide healthcare brand advancing the cutting edge technologies to work in real.

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