ScarMD Reviews (Plus Spring Sale!)

ScarMD Reviews (Plus Spring Sale!)

It’s been a while since we took a look at our product reviews, and it’s safe to say that our confidence in our product has never been higher! One of the unfortunate things about putting a product out there is that it opens the doors for both praise and criticism, but in the case of our ScarMD Medical Grade Silicone Scar Treatment Glide, the people have spoken, and they love our product. We figured we could talk about our own products until we’re blue in the face, but in order for you to truly believe our claims, it’s best to see what our customers have to say.

And that’s the purpose of this article; to show you that not only do our products talk the talk, they most certainly walk the walk. And if the following reviews still have you on the fence about trying out our scar treatment solutions, we felt it was worth mentioning orders over $30 have free shipping! And to make the deal just a little sweeter, using the promo code SPRING15OFF will give you a 15% savings on your next purchase. So if you’ve once considered trying out our products, then now is the time to stock up!

What people are saying 

These reviews are from actual customers who have tried out our ScarMD Silicone Scar Treatment Glide, and felt compelled to spread the good word about how well it worked for them!

  • I ordered this for a burn scar on my leg that's a few months old. I'm hoping this will help to lighten up the skin and make it smoother. The main ingredient is silicone which is the most recommended for scar healing. I really love the easy roll on application. It actually feels pretty soothing on the skin. It leaves a light layer and I just wait until it's totally dry before putting on my clothing. So far it's made the scar skin feel smoother, I'm hoping that with long term use it will also improve the discoloration.
  • I must admit, I have tried other scar products but this feels so much nicer, and started to work within 3 to 4 weeks. I need to continue for another few months, and hope my scar will completely disappear. Dries really fast too so no sticky yuk.
  • It goes on easily. Is not at all oily. Great product.
  • After losing some of my hair due to chemo I had my eyebrows tattooed badly. lots of scarring...but I have seen lots of improvement since I started using the cream!
  • Works very well after multiple uses, can see a difference after a week
  • I had an open rhinoplasty a few months ago. So in preparation, I ordered this scar gel. It has worked well for me! My scar is just barely visible now after using this product.
  • I had plenty of scars to try this on. But the scar that required my attention the most is the scar from the laminectomy that I had two years ago. The surgery was over two years ago but the score itself is still off and tender and sometimes painful. It also looks awful. This scar gel actually helps a bit. Considering the amount of damage, I had no expectations. However, I am not disappointed. The scar appears less rigid and feels a little smoother. Time will tell just how well it works. As for now, I am satisfied.

Our Products Are Medical Grade

Our ScarMD Silicone Scar Gel is a great way to reduce the redness of abnormal scars, decrease their volume, and reduce the pain and itchiness. Clinical studies have proven the effectiveness of silicone in treating all types of scars, whether they are new scars, old scars, large scars, or small scars.

Be sure to use the promo code SPRING15OFF to see a 15% savings on your next purchase.

Don’t Forget About Our Stretch Mark Solutions

Our Stretch Mark Prevention Oil isn’t just for expecting mothers, but rather anybody who experiences stretch marks. Whether you’re making gains at the gym, or have seen a growth spurt, our stretch mark prevention oil is the first line of defense in helping prevent stretch marks before they form. 

But if you’re just hearing about us now, and have existing stretch marks that you’d like to reduce in visibility, our Stretch Mark Repair Cream is exactly what you’re looking for to improve not only the look of your skin, but how it feels as well! 

About AIM Medical

AIM Medical is a skincare products research, engineering and manufacturing company based in the world's medtech hub - Boston, Massachusetts. Dedicated to developing novel, safe, yet highly effective portfolio of products that target common dermatologic conditions, AIM Medical advances the high value opportunities for products that focus on wound care and atopic dermatitis. At AIM Medical we are proud of our heritage of creating health and beauty through technology innovation. ​ We have aligned AIM Medical to be a worldwide healthcare brand advancing the cutting edge technologies to work in real.

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