Scars and different skin types

Scars and different skin types

Did you know that your skin is actually an organ? In fact, it’s the largest organ on your body, and makes up about 15% of your total body weight! Your skin contains several types of tissues and a membrane and it covers your body, and includes associated organs and derivatives of the skin such as hair, nails, glands, and specialized nerve endings. It’s also worth noting that everybody’s skin is different, and their skincare routines will vary. This is especially true when it comes to scarring, and caring for old and new scars alike. 

Although everyone’s skin functions the same, it can take on a variety of different appearances due to different amounts of pigmentation. Skin can then be grouped into a number of different types, six of which are represented on the Fitzpatrick Scale.

Six Types of Skin

Everybody’s skin is different, and there are no set “categories” for every individual. However, there are types of skin that can help you narrow down and figure out what skin type you have, and what that means for your skincare routine. We’re going to break down the six most common skin types for you.

Type one

Type one is considered the fairest of all skins. A telltale sign of type one skin is a reddish undertone, and it’s usually accompanied by freckles. Here’s where it gets a little tricky. Fair skin has a high likelihood of burning after extended sun exposure, but has low potential for scarring. This is not to say that type one skin doesn’t scar, but it’s more likely that the scars will have an easier time fading over time. 

Type two

Type two skin is also low risk for scarring. Skin tone for type two is fair to cream colored. People with this skin type often have light hair as well as blue or brown eyes. Similarly to type one skin, type to skin is prone to burning, but has a very low risk for scarring. 

Type three

As we progress to type three skin on the Fitzpatrick scale, you're still going to see fair skin, but fair skin that’s backed by more golden tones. You’re likely to have brown or green eyes, and tan easily, but you will still risk burning after long periods of sun exposure. You will also have a higher scarring potential than both types one and two skin.

Type four

If you have skin that’s more olive or caramel toned, with hazel eyes and darker hair, you fall into type four skin. You’re prone to scarring like those with type three skin, but you’re likely to have an easy time healing naturally. 

Type five

If your skin is in the type five range, which is characterized by olive toned or rich brown skin and dark hair, you will rarely burn after sun exposure, but your skin has a much higher risk of scarring. When collagen is produced to heal a wound, there will be a noticeable difference in skin tone due to the contrast of scar tissue against unscarred skin. 

Type six

As we progress to type six skin, you’re going to see skin tones that range from deep mahogany to very dark brown. Tanning comes easy, and burning in the sun is very unlikely, but you will see a very high risk of abnormal scarring. 

No matter your skin type, we’re here to help

Scars come in all shapes and sizes, and depending on your skin type on the Fitzpatrick scale, might end up sticking around for the long haul. While the six skin types have their own natural resting state, and reaction to injuries, products like our premium silicone scar gel can help you in diminishing the appearance of your scars. Our ScarMD medical grade Silicone Scar Gel Treatment is the best silicone scar gel on the market, and has clinically proven effectiveness for scars. By putting a thin barrier of moisture over your scar in the form of silicone, ScarMD has proven effective when used over time (2–3 months of daily use), and works for all types of scar and skin types. So whether your skin type is a one or a six, we want to be your number one ally in skin care and scar treatment

We are your ally in skincare

Whether you’re worried about the appearance of your scars, or looking for a long term solution for after a surgery, we want you to have peace of mind over how you look and feel. Or if you’re expecting, and worried about the appearance and discomfort of stretch marks, we are on the cutting edge of stretch mark prevention and repair. Be sure to follow us on Instagram for sales, promotions, skin care tips, and future product launches. We know there are so many options out there, but we pride ourselves on being a cut above the rest with premium products for scar and stretch mark care, and even more to come in the future. 

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